Zimbabwe Community Health Intervention Research Behavioural Change Programme (ZiCHIRe BC) is a project of the University of Zimbabwe, resident in the department of community medicine. ZiCHIRe was formed by professors from the University of Zimbabwe, department of community medicine as a home grown solution to spearhead research on community health with special interest in HIV/AIDS. ZiCHIRe BC is in both research and programme implementation .ZiCHIRe BC programmes date back to the year 2000. The project has conducted an international two armed random CPOL trail in Zimbabwe among other successful projects.

ZiCHIRe is led by a strong team of fully qualified team of professionals who have vast experience in programme implementation, planning and monitoring and evaluation. We have teams and structures at community levels making it very relevant to tackle community development issues.

ZICHIRE has experience working with well-established international organizations including United Nations structures and systems. ZiCHIRe has a strong record working with mental institute of mental health from America, United Nations population fund (UNFPA) and UNDP. Over and above working with international organizations we also work with local civil society organizations and government structures such as ministry of health, National AIDs council and other government structures at national and community level.

ZiCHIRe has vast capacity to implement both locally and internationally audited Programmes. ZiCHIRe produces monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports for internal use and donor use. ZiCHIRe is audited annually by an independently selected audit firm, for the past three years it has been Moore and Stevens from United Kingdom. ZiCHIRe also gets quarterly audits and regular financial and asset verification by National AIDs council in partnership with UNAIDs (PR &SR).

We have structures at national, district and community level. The head office is based in the capital city of Harare where most the economic activities are taking place and political powerhouses are found.

ZiCHIRe has community based structures that start at national to the village/house hold level.