Research Work

  1. Community Popular Opinion Leader Study

For five years ZiCHIRe conducted a two armed international CPOL model research study with other countries such as China, India, Russia and Peru. The study was looking at addressing risky behaviours such as multiple concurrent partnerships and increase demand for HIV service. The intervention component also sort to impart skills such as condom use to community members through the use of popular opinion leaders who are respected individuals in their communities.

Following up a cohort of over 5000 people, over a period of 3 years in 30 business centres across the country.  The study collected both behavioural and biological data, which was then compared over time. This was an international two armed randomised trial based on the community popular opinion leader model. ZiCHIRe managed to achieve 85% follow rates which was an excellent result by international standards given the prevailing challenges in Zimbabwe.


  1. Baseline Survey for DFID

ZiCHIRe was also responsible for carrying out needs assessment surveys in selected

Harare’s high density suburb which then led to the provision of basic food stuffs to HIV positive patients.